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8 June 2020

What are Automatic Photocell Door Systems Sizes and Prices and How Do They Work?


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Schwert Door – Automatic Door Systems | What are the Dimensions and Prices of Automatic Photocell Door Systems and How Do They Work? What are their brands? To be fast, high quality, economical and accessible in photocell, sectional, garden, garage, ramps, fire, rotary, high speed PVC doors and spiral, barrier systems products.


Photocell doors are used in almost every building today.

Its use is now quite common for various reasons.

It is an important plus that no physical force is required to open these doors.

If you enter the area of ​​the door, your movement is detected and the door opens automatically.

Photocell door is applied more frequently to doors made of aluminum profile.

This door, which is generally known as automatic door, got its name from the photocell system placed on its upper part.

This system is made of light sensitive resistors.

These sensitive resistors have the ability to perceive light similar to the human eye.

As a result of the detection, the door is activated by the control system.

In fact, this system is sensitive to light changes around it.

The LDR resistances against possible damages of this situation are applied into the black tubes.

In this way, its vision was limited and it was ensured that it reached the desired view.

How Photocell Door Works

When we look at the way it works, we see that the system works as a result of the combination of four main systems.

These systems are sensing, control panel management, wing profiles, engine and execution group.

Detection, also called radar, detects the object coming to the door.

So this is done with microwave or infrared frequencies.

The product is provided to send the low level electrical signal suitable for programming as soon as it detects the object to the control panel. The control panel is the brain of this mechanism.

Manages 5 functions of the product. This system is at the top of the door and inside the main body. The wing profiles system is made of aluminum as the main material.

The weight of the wings is made in proportion to the performance of the door.

The engine and execution group of this product is its most important element.

Decoder motors have started to be used quite widely.

The engine and the executive group work together and are in proportional performances.

Many features such as speed adjustment of the door and weight adjustment are determined depending on the engine.

When we look at the usage areas of the door systems, the places where pedestrians are located are noticeable. We see it in many places such as supermarkets, airports, factories.

The prices of such a useful product are quite affordable.

As the technology advances, the prices of this product become cheaper.

What is Sectional Door?

The sectional door should be arranged in accordance with the features of the structure such as walls and ceilings.

Because it runs horizontally by sliding towards the ceiling. With this way of operation, the sectional door provides the user with free space.

At the same time, these doors save the user from dust and retain the ambient air.

The automation system, which is at a higher level for security, has been used in many places and continues to be used in newly built places.

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