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About Us

It is a company that is open to development, honest and quality service
that wants to continue its experiences in the sector by providing the best services.


With the principle of doing the right thing honest, Schwert aims to be fast, quality, economical and accessible in the Automatic Door Systems sector.

It aims to serve our customers anytime, anywhere and in any condition by providing customer-oriented solutions.


Our Company's primary principle is to provide unlimited customer satisfaction by presenting the conditions of "quality-design-reasonable price" together, to produce economic added value by adhering to moral values ​​and to contribute to social development.

To serve our valued customers with our photocell door production line will continue to be a source of pride for us.



Our products are guaranteed for 2 years, considering cost, time and comfort in automatic door systems. In addition, we are at your service with 5 years of assurance of spare parts.


An annual maintenance contract is signed mutually to carry out automatic door system maintenance. General maintenance is carried out 2 times a year, and the products are intended to be long lasting and healthy.


Use the repair services of our company for the maintenance and repair of your products for a healthy and smooth operation of automatic door systems and a comfortable and comfortable entrance and exit.

Shipping and Assembly

The shipping and assembly of Schwert products you have purchased are made free of charge.
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